Pros And Cons Of Entering United States Merchant Marine Academy

Each boy dreamed of becoming a marine officer at least once. Some people leave this dream and childhood and opt for other occupations, whereas others train and study hard to get the chance of being enrolled in one of the institutions that train marine officers. By the way, its number is rather limited. United States Merchant Marine Academy is one of the service academies in the USA. Its graduates serve in US Military Forces and US Merchant Marine, work in the transportation industry, and other related spheres.
Studying in such a type of institution isn’t for the weak persons. Besides exhausting training sessions, students have to show good results and maintain high academic performance if they want to continue serving the well-being of the country and people. And if success in training sessions is up to the student, academic assignments can be ordered from professional services, such as Nerdify. Read Nerdify review to be informed about the company’s services and use them in a difficult situation.

The Advantages of Entering USMMA

First of all, this institution is prestigious. USMMA was established in 1943 and still accepts students from different parts of the world. Entering this academic means getting valuable knowledge and become closer to long-term experience. If you become a student of USMMA, you get the status of a midshipman and great uniform, so everyone will envy you.
Moreover, you may participate in the academy’s athletics. Here are 16 teams, among which 6 are women teams. Academy competes in NCAA Division III and wins championships in different kinds of sport. Joining athletics is a good experience, and even if someone tells you that it will take all your free time, don’t worry. Order some assignments from speedypaper and continue doing what you like.
A sufficient range of academic programs also belongs to pros. Take into account that USMMA is a narrowly focused institution, so having 150 programs for it is unnecessary. Marine transportation, marine logistics and security, marine engineering, etc. are the programs offered by USMMA. Each educational program requires students to get profound knowledge and become decent officers. Remember that you can always count on the help of My Math Genius. Read My Math Genius reviews to find out more about the service and use its assistance.

Disadvantages of Applying to USMMA

If you’re not ready to struggle, give up the idea of studying here. The acceptance rate is only 22%, that’s not 50% and not even 70%. It means that a lot of students dream of studying there, apply for it, and compete for each place. The admissions board should see that you’re the best candidate. Those who’d studied for a long time and showed good results on exams shouldn’t have difficulties with enrollment. Others may order admission essay from Online class King and ensure success. Read Online Class King reviews to make sure that this idea is good.
Tuition fees don’t make this institution affordable. The average price per year is $7,000, that’s inaffordable for some people. If you think that you’ll be able to work and study in this academy at the same time, give up this idea. The only way to make life more comfortable is to get a scholarship. Wise Essays review reports that experts may help you even with this business. Order a scholarship essay, apply for it, and become a midshipman.