8″ Crystal Ball (no stand) USA only (sorry)

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Since I was a little girl and watched “The Wizzard of Oz”, I wanted a Crystal Ball!  But over the years, whenever I saw something close to this, it was always flat on the bottom!  I could never realy find a crystal ball like the one in the movie.  Then about 10 years ago, I got the idea that I could import them and perhaps sell them on ebay!  But within the year, competition got so rough, I gave up on it.  So I still have a few of the biggest ones left that have been sitting in the garage.  I sell them at boy scout and school fund raisers, etc…

The only issue with these gorgeous clear round globes is that they are HEAVY!  24lbs heavy!  So UPS ground is really the only choice for shipping and it’s not cheap.  So please understand the shipping charges :)  It costs about $50 USD to ship, hence the shipping cost :(

Please note: These crystal balls are new in box, but the boxes can be slightly damaged, as the balls are so heavy and I’ve had them a long time, so they may have warped and original shipping tore some boxes slightly :)

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Hello Everyone! I'm excited that we finally have an auction site!  I feel this is a place where real things can be bought and sold at good prices instead of the inflated prices I've seen at stores that accept crypto currency!  I have a few unusual funky things to sell, and will get them up here shortly.  I hope you'll give DarkBids a try!

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