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I offer a brand new Deta-Ritm EMF health device.
The information below was snipped from:
There are different versions and languages available, This is in English.
This is a brand new, in box never opened, still sealed and bubble wrap.

There are no analogs of portable Deta-Ritm device in the world. It is based on the influence on the body of specific frequencies in accordance with the methods of Klauss, Neske, Voll, K. Silling, O. Kolmer and Paul-Schmidt and the method of low electromagnetic fields. Its ability to influence the whole body as well as an organ locally increases the efficiency of the device without destroying the energoinformational balance.

The device is certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and has all required authorization documents.

License for medical equipment manufacture: 99-03-000532 of 29.08.2006.

  • Registration certificate: FSR 2009/05640 of 4.09.2009.
  • Certificate of Compliance: РОСС RU. ИМ24.В03109 of 2.10.2009.
  • EMC Test Report No. 3459.1602.10, Date: 2010-03-03, GTN Kommunikations-und Sicherungssysteme, EMV-Laboratory TecCenter
Based on medical research and clinical testing, positive results had been attained for the treatment of the following diseases:
  • blood circulation diseases: varicose veins, intracerebral hemorrhage, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, tachycardia
  • endocrine system diseases, nutrition distress and metabolic dysfunction
  • digestive organ diseases: gastritis, duodenitis, gastroenteritis and colitis, liver cirrhosis, dyskinesis of the gall bladder and gall duct, cholelithiasis, constipation, cholecystitis, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer
  • respiratory apparatus diseases: allergic rhinitis, quinsy, tonsillitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis
  • musculoskeletal system diseases: pain in extremities, gonarthrosis, lumbago and sciatica, myalgia (pain in muscles), vertebral osteochondrosis
  • urogenital system diseases: menopause, salpingorrhagia, urolithiasis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy
  • skin diseases: neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis), eczema
  • eye and adnexal diseases: conjunctivitis , glaucoma, myopia (shortsightedness), optic neuritis
  • ear and mastoid diseases: cochlear neuritis, otitus
  • nervous system diseases: somnopathy, trifacial neuralgia, Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, cerebrovascular insufficiency, lack or loss of libido, depression and stress.
The device has shown positive results in the prevention of diseases, stress, tension, exhaustion and others conditions. READ MORE: Put it in your pocket or wear it around your neck.

Main specifications of the device:

1. Number of programs 13

2. Frequency range 0.1 Hz ÷ 10 kHz

3. Power supply:

2 AA batteries, 1.5 V

2 Ni-Mn AA batteries, 1.2 V

AC adapter 220 V

4. Total dimensions of the device:

not more than 105 х 65 х 20 mm

5. Device weight: not more than 0.15 kg

I offer this product because they are hard to find and take forever to ship.  One day cellphones might be able to do the same thing, but until then, Deta-Elis is the only device out: “A doctor who is always by your side” Deta-Ritm in english.  You can probably change the language somehow but I am not sure as I did not open to try.  No reserve price set. minimum bid .5 starting bid 70. They sell for elsewhere $750 online. Mine is: new in box.


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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 18 x 15 x 4 cm


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